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Everything that we get our hands on, we are passionate about. From the smallest idea born into a creative campaign, to the most complicated platform. We love what we do. So, we care about what we do for you and it shows!


Design has opened our minds to the raw power of imagination. It has engulfed us in a world where imagination is limitless and nothing is out of our reach. From a word, a sound, a memory or a feeling, imagination is born!


We naturally feel like a magnet drawn to new ideas. We look forward to the partnership we create, whilst asking all the right questions to lead us to the answer. We are a team who relish in triumph.

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A one stop shop

Specialising in digital and creative design, RDD has many different coloured pens sat on the desk for design strategy & marketing, social media campaigns and full print & marketing services. We are a one stop shop. Our experience has lead us to work in the following industries…

Financial Services / Energy / Retail & Fashion / Automotive / Professional Sports / Music & Entertainment / Construction / Real Estate / Gaming & Betting / Education / Charities / Public Sector / Software / Travel & Leisure / Hospitality / Mobile Communications / Professional Services / Health Care / Telecoms

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Kate Margolis

Creative Director & Founder

Behind her big glasses are eyes for pattern and detail. Kates experience means she knows how to meticulously balance the hundreds of aesthetic elements and technical events required to make designs great, function well, and resonate with users.

Annabelle Teale


Annabelle is a creative brand and UX copywriter and marketeer with 7+ years of experience working for brands in the luxury fashion, retail, lifestyle, finance, tech, food, wellness, entertainment and hospitality industries. Her responsibilities have been driving brand’s identity forward in innovative and exciting ways.

Will Patrick


For a long time, photography was just a simple passion of Wills. He would take his camera with he went. What then followed was a sequence of events that led him to learning how to shoot weddings and leaving my day job behind.

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